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Rent a cab for Sahestdhara From Dehradun at Best Price :- Book Taxi for Sahastradhara online with us to dip & relax & have fun with friends & family. Sahastradhara meaning “thousand fold spring” is one of the most popular tourist destination in uttarakhand state and is located in Dehradun place with us you can Hire Taxi For Sahastradhara From Dehradun and enjoy. This place is at about 11km from the city of Dehradun. It is very popular amongst both the locals as well as the tourists coming to the city. its name emerges from the fact that the water literally drips down from limestone stalactites numbering thousands.
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Visiting Places In Sahastradhara
Book taxi for Sahastradhara from Dehradun or from outstation and visit these places :- Shiva Temple, Joyland, and Ropeway with comfort.
Shiva Temple – The very old Shiva temple along with guru Dronacharya cave is present in this location, providing a good mythological scenario and an essence of historical importance to the place. People visit and worship here.
Joyland – This place is also housing a manmade water amusement park to attract tourist from various places. Swings and water slides in Joyland adds the fun and making this very popular picnic spot. To add on fun with kids & family & friends one can find the exotic swings and water slides in the Joyland. The children would really enjoy the slides down to the pool, the merry go round, the disco dance swing, the Columbus ride and many more. These all things attract not only children but also their parents.
Ropeway – A Ropeway is provided to reach the hills top in Sahastradhara to find a park and a temple. The view pleasant from the hills top.
The site can be visited throughout the year, however, the best time to visit Sahastradhara is during rainy season from May to August, when the river flow is good enough and the lake are all full so Fill the Enquiry Form to Hire Taxi For Sahastradhara From Dehradun.
Cab Service For Sahastradhara From Dehradun
During monsoons the water flow increases and in turn the floral vegetation of area increases significantly, much to delight of visitors. Sahastradhara also has sulphur spring near falls which has the medicinal properties and supposedly cures skin diseases or ailments. Due to these properties of the water, many people come here just to take a dip and the relax. For further queries you can contact us.
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